School Consultation Services

At Behavioral Pediatric Institute of Alabama, we have extensive experience working with school systems across the state of Alabama. Comprehensive consultation services are available and may be requested by parents of school systems; these services involve participation from the child, family and school staff members. We offer a variety of school consultation services including: completing independent psychoeducational evaluations including psychological, speech/language, and occupational therapy evaluations, conducting functional behavioral assessments, developing behavior intervention plans, monitoring the efficacy of behavior intervention plans, providing ongoing behavior consultation services, assisting with inclusion and placement recommendations, collaborating with Individual Education Program (IEP) development, and developing and supervising Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs. We enjoy collaborating with school systems to help meet the needs of students experiencing behavioral and/or academic problems in the classroom.


Professional development/group training sessions are available and can be tailored to the specific needs of your staff and/or students.